About Rae

I have this problem of obsessing over a new hobby, project, or art and craft every other week.  I purchase everything I need and spend a whole two days thoroughly engulfed in creating a very non Pinterest like version of what I had hoped.  I’m striving to become a minimalist by downsizing my life and objects within it at a pretty realistic pace.  Through discarding so much of my life memories, failed crafts, ceramic chicken collection of my mother’s, dentures of my grandfather’s, baptism clothing of my dad’s and piles of hand me downs from my grandmother, I’ve become increasingly aware of the ridiculous amount of over consumption and hoarding tendencies myself and the good majority of us in America indulge in.  I’m on a personal mission from now on, to buy for life, things I absolutely love, and that are built or made sustainably, and fair trade.  I’m simplifying my life, getting in touch with what’s important, moving out of my 3 bedroom house, and beginning a life of part time work and full time adventure and travel in my vintage camper. I’m determined to make a comfortable living doing what I love, in places that inspire me. You only live once, and I’m grateful for my second chance.